First day of travel

Back to the roots

The first day of travel

Before we actually started we had to pick up a gift. Khan is a refugee who came to live in Germany searching for a better job. He lives in a refugee support home and asked us to take something to Pakistan. We got lost on the way to the refugee support home and when we finally got there we noticed it was not really a gift, but a huge personal suitcase he wanted us to take to Pakistan. Unfortunately, we do not have much space and we ended up leaving the suitcase with Khan in Germany.
All in all, it was our first contact of misunderstanding. We had interpreted directly something more into the idea of taking something / some present for the wedding of his daughter. He simply thought we are going to his family at home, so we can take his unnecessary clothes. 3 hours of detours later, at least with some helpful hints about Pakistan, we picked up Korbi…

Finally, our last stop before taking the road was in Happing where Korbi, our 4th man, was anxiously waiting for us because it was late and Korbi does not like driving at night.
We left towards Liguria a region of Italy where we intend to make our first real break.  About 300 km later we decided to spend the night in Aachensee lake. To reach the lake we pass through a small mountain and we already found our first hurdle with the car. The engine has warmed up very quickly and we had to wait for an hour before we could continue.
We spent the night at the lakeside to celebrate Karuna’s birthday with a good wine.

We woke up with the whistle of a steam train passing bordering the lake.
After breakfast, we had a meeting and we took the road.

All seemed well.
I was focused on my text when suddenly I realize that we are standing at a gas station. The engine is very hot and  Korbi said: “so we will never arrive in India.”
Possibilities? Go and pack up the car in the middle of somewhere or return.

This time I can say that actually burn the start.