SATYA is a (road-) trip through a fictitious person’s life, which starts with a cesarean birth in a German hospital and ends on a pyre in India. A trancelike image of archaic rituals and full noise globalized ceremonies.

Despite the extreme differences in culture, language, social status or political situation in which we live in, we are connected to one fact; we are all just human beings. We all experience happiness and sadness in a similar form.

SATYA wants to look at life’s entire dimensity and search for emotional changing points in life, that we all pass trough or at some point will be confronted with.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell has sought the common points in the myths of the whole world. Just like Campbell SATYA wants to consider the core elements of universal turning points of life, in order to draw a symbolical lifeline.

The film raises the question if people are facing, in the course of their development, similar challenges? Do they have similarities in their psychosocial development? SATYA search for specific events that shape our lives and help us to develop our own identity.

What role do old traditions and rites of passage, that are linked to human development for centuries, play in life?

SATYA wants food for thought. Viewers will have the opportunity to look at a lifetime cycle from a different angle. Through the stories of people from diverse cultures and lifestyles, we can look to our own lives. Through identification with the different protagonists, SATYA provides a reflexion on life.

This documentary is to raise the awareness that all people are on the same path of life. A path which ends with death.


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